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OPHONE offers a wide veriaty of 0844 and 0843 non-geographical numbers for the United Kingdom. OPHONE makes it easy to use any landline phone to receive buisness calls without the hassle of advertising your personal number. You choose one of our numbers we connect it to your landline; it's really that easy!
What's the cost?
It's completely FREE! to connect your landline to an Ophone number..There is no fee for ophone numbers, no set up cost, no annual cost, no hidden trap doors, we are simply dedicated to assisting your business telecommunicaions need. You can select your number today by following the links above at no cost whatsoever. You can also find more about how Ophone numbers work. Plus, there is no bill attached because 0844 and 0843 numbers ONLY carry inbound traffic. It's completely FREE!
How to get an OPHONE number?
It's really easy and will only take a couple of minutes...
1. Choose your number type: 0844 phone number and 0843 Ophone Numberscroll down and click 'Get Number'
2. Follow the on-screen prompt to set up your account.
3. Wait for up to 48 buisness hours for your number to be live at the UK telephone exchange.
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