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How it works!

Ophone portable phone numbers are very simple.

Ophone numbers work by redirecting calls to your "real" number.

1. Select a number and provide Ophone with your details.

2. We redirect your selected number to your "real" landline or mobile.

3. You give out your Ophone number to your business associates and customers. You could include it on your business stationery or vehicle graphics, even your website.

4. When someone dials your Ophone number it is automatically redirected to your "real" landline or mobile live.

5. Your phone rings and you take calls as normal.

It's that simple.

How this can help you...

Because Ophone numbers are non-geographical (they are not connected with a particular area of the UK), and work by redirection, they can be redirected to any part of the UK. This has many benefits:

1. Businesses can provide a national phone number to extend their geographical reach. While some customers may be put off if your number appears to come from another area, Ophone numbers give a national feel and reveal nothing of your geographical location.

2. Ophone numbers can be redirected to any part of the UK should you move house, or premises or change mobile. Never lose contact with customers, valued business associations, friends or family.

3. Ophone numbers give Privacy. Because you don't reveal your "real" phone number, you can keep business and home separate, and quickly and easily have your Ophone number disconnected or changed without losing your "real" phone number or affecting your existing phone service.